Honkai: Star Rail

Explore many different planets and space stations while traveling on a train that moves in space. All in this epic and strategic turn based gacha rpg. This game is somewhat new was released at the end of last month.

The middle of an attack in a turn based rpg,

Right now there aren’t a lot of characters and the strongest character right now is the first limited character ”Seele Vollerei” an orphan from the underground city of Belobog, A city in a winter planet and the people of Belobog are the last remaining humans on the planet. The goal of the protagonist which is either Stelle or Cealus is to join the astral express to save, stop and/or clear many different planets from seeds of disasters called Stellarons.

Best way to learn how to play is to play the game yourself but you will encounted a tutorial starring Silver Wolf and Kafka the stellaron hunters and Antagonists/allies of the game
You can pick a protagonist, Stelle the female main character or Caelus the male main character.

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