Doki Doki Literature Club!

Don’t be fooled this game isn’t all fun with poems and cupcakes, something sinister is in the shadow affecting the very girls of this visual novel.

The title screen of a seemingly innocent visual novel, top of the screen is a symbol with the title ”Doki Doki, Literature Club!” written on it. Four girls are looking at the screen, a shy looking girl with purple hair, a pouting one with pink hair, another pink haired girl but this one is cheerful, and at last the one closest to the screen a girl with brown hair reaching her hand towards you. There are the settings: New Game, Load Game, Settings, Help and Quit. New Game is pressed and you get to enter the name of the player.

The game is a simple visual novel, However you must be of 13 years of age and be ok with seeing disturbing stuff to play

The 3 girls welcome you to the club in a japanese classroom. Visual novel style.

The game may seem innocent enough but later on more and more hints of something going on in the shadows will play. This game made by Team Salvato is a psychological horror where you have to access the games files to proceeed with the game. But you are not the only one with access to the files.

A picture of all the girls together agreeing to something in an enthustiastic tone.

The game is free on steam but if you are willing to pay for a bit more content you should get Doki Doki Plus instead which costs 12’49euro or 141,64kr. This game is a classic when it comes to horror but mostly because it is a black sheep of horror, psychological.

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