Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open world gacha game with interesting characters and locations. The game stars one of two protagonists trying to find their lost sibling across 7nations in a world set in meideval times.

A blonde girl in summer clothes floating holding a glowing ball made out of water in a japanese city – text in bottom right corner saying ”Genshin Impact”

This game focuses on combat and has as of now 69 playable characters if you include Sorush (a gadget you can briefly control). You can characters and weapons by luck, events or by spending money. The characters can wield 1 of 7 elements and 1 of 5 weapons. The elements are… Anemo the power of wind, Geo the power of earth, Electro the power of electricity, Dendro the power of nature, Hydro the power of water, Pyro the power of fire and Cryo the power of ice. These elements react to each other in different ways to help with attacking enemies or with exploring the world.

Another thing the character has are weapons there are 5 as of now and they are. Sword – default fast attack, Claymore slow and heavy attacks, Catalyst magic that deals element damage instead of normal damage, Bow precise with aiming, Polearm the fastest attacks. Every character also have an E-skill and a Q-ability which is different for every character and stats. It’s confusing because every character’s different gameplay wise but the combo of weapon and element are simplest to remember.

This game is of course free but spending money is a choice and would cost around 2000kr for the best stuff but spending 60kr also gives you a sweet deal. Spending money is completely optional so do not feel forced to do that.

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