Poppy Playtime Chapter. 1 ”A tight squeeze”

Explore a filled trip into a place where you don’t play with toys but the toys ”play” with you.

Poppy Playtime is a mascot horror where you see through the players eyes, you use the power of the grabpack it can launch a hand at an object and then hold to drag it back, and stop holding any button for hand to return. This mechanic is the main way of getting through the obstacles and puzzles of the game.

Everyone thinks the staff dissapeared 10 years ago

WE’RE still here.


A note from an unknown sender.

The game starts with you entering through the main entrance, having to break deeper into the buildng, but not far into it you will encounter a giant stuffed toy, his lips are big and red and inside are teeth sharp as knives, his hands are yellow and made out of a big square and a small square resembling fingers. His hands also have a black spot on both the hands his body is about the same size as you but his arms and legs are all the same size and seem to be around twice as tall as you.

Huggy’s stage, it’s a circular stage with huggy standing on top holding his hand up in a friendly wave. surrounded by boxes and giant blocks with the letters H G and Y being visible, press the giant red button on the white board infront of the stage and he will sing a song:
His name is huggy, huggy wuggy if he hugs you he’ll never stop
your friend huggy, huggy wuggy he will squeeze you until you pop!”

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